Help Your Child’s First Dance Class to be a Success

Your child’s first dance class is an exciting event and will hopefully be the start of a lifelong passion, but young children can find themselves getting just a little bit nervous. As parents, there are a few different things you can do to help your child feel more confident coming to their first dance class.

Reassure your child before the class

Chatting to your child before their first class is a great way to let them know what to expect, and for younger children in particular, you’ll need to help them become accustomed to the fact you won’t be in the room with them.

Letting them know that you’ll be right outside can help them feel a lot better about this, as well as reassuring them that they will have fun! Arranging to go for a special dinner afterwards will help to boost their confidence and make them feel more supported.

Talk about their new dance teacher before their first class

When you’re talking about the dance class, remember to use the dance teacher’s name and try to make a point of showing your child their picture and any bio on the dance school’s website. This should help to get them excited about meeting their new dance teacher.

Ask a friend along

If your child is a bit worried about not knowing anyone, why not see if any of their school friends or cousins of a similar age want to come along too? Knowing that there’ll be someone else in the room who your child knows will help them to feel confident and happy.

Bring them in the appropriate clothes

If your dance school has a particular uniform, this can help your child feel as if they belong there more, and they’ll appreciate not sticking out. If they look the part of a dancer, they’re far more likely to take the classes a lot more seriously. Dance clothes will also ensure that your child is wearing the best outfit to safely dance.

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