What to Look for in your Child’s Dance Teacher

If your child is set on having dance lessons, it can be very easy to feel intimidated and not know what to look for in a dance teacher. Despite this, there are a number of things you should make sure you get answers for to ensure that your child will have safe and fun dance lessons that prepare them for a career in dance or just help them to stay happy and active.


How experienced is the dance teacher?
How long has the dance instructor been teaching and how long have they been dancing? You should also ask if they have any certifications and if so, which ones? At the same time, many retired professional dancers make excellent teachers, but may have no certification.

Does the dance teacher have relevant qualifications?
Many dance teachers will offer and teach several different classes, such as ballet, modern, tap, jazz and hip-hop. You will need to make sure the instructor is qualified to teach at least the style of dance your child wants to learn.

Does the dance teacher appear dedicated?
Any dance teacher worth considering will be extremely proud and dedicated to dancing as a profession, and you should ask to see them conduct a lesson. A good instructor will be passionate about teaching their class.

Is the instructor punctual?
Responsibility is considered an essential good skill for any dancer, and the dance teacher should do everything in their power to be on time to set a good example. If you have to wait around for a late dance teacher, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

Does the dance instructor show respect for their class?
Every student in a dance class needs to feel like they’re important to the dance teacher, and a good dance teacher will make sure to communicate well with everyone, even the back row. Watch to see whether the dance teacher spends time with every student on an individual basis to help them improve their technique.


The dance classes at the Marina Saldanha Dance Academy will help to improve your child’s balance and posture, encouraging your child to improve their skills and become the best dancer they can possibly be. For more information about our dance classes, call 0791 919 0001 today.