5 Reasons Dance Classes are Great for Kids!

We all know that dance is a fun way to keep our children fit, healthy and active. Bringing your child along to a dance class doesn’t have to be the start of a professional dancing career, it can just be about enabling them to experience something new, helping them to keep active or just a way to channel all that energy! Whatever the reason, you’ll soon find that your child develops both physically and mentally from regular dance classes in a number of ways. We’ve listed just 5 of them for you to look through!


Dance classes keep your child fit and healthy
We all know that dance is a physical activity, but its ability to work the entire body means it’s perfect for increasing total fitness. Regular dance classes will see improvements to your child’s stamina, flexibility, coordination, balance and range of motion. The fun many children have at dance classes will keep them motivated to keep on exercising!


Dance classes are the perfect place to make friends
In many dance classes, children will need to communicate and cooperate with each other, either in groups or pairs, helping them to develop their social skills. Shy children often gain the confidence needed to come out of their shells and make new friends, as well as getting over fears of performing or speaking in front of crowds.


Dance classes allow for self-expression
Unlike other forms of exercise and physical activity, dance places a large emphasis on self-expression. Children are in an environment where they’re encouraged to simply be themselves and do something they enjoy. Many children find dance to be a great way to process and channel their emotions into something positive, often leaving the dance class feeling better than before.


Children learn about self-discipline
Dance classes require children to memorise dance routines and other sequences, which helps their mental and memory development- giving them an edge during their early education. They will develop an understanding of how important details are, and because they’re learning fast sequences, the amount of time it takes for them to learn new things dramatically decreases. The combination of fun and discipline means that children learn to be quiet and listen, whilst also enjoying themselves.


Dance classes improve children’s self-esteem
Dance classes make children more aware of their bodies and all the amazing things they can do, helping them to feel more comfortable in their own skin. This in turn, will do wonders for developing and maintaining their self-confidence and self-esteem. Any decent dance teacher will always promote an atmosphere of positivity and inclusiveness in their lessons, which is key to ensuring your child’s self-esteem continues to rise.


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