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Come and learn a variety of different dance styles in a friendly, safe and fun environment, increasing your creativity and musicality. With a variety of different styles available, you’re sure to find the right class for you.

ISTD Ballet– This graceful and elegant form of dancing has a long history, emerging as the style we know and love today in the 19th century. Performed to some of the world’s most beautiful music, this iconic style of dance is characterised by highly precise and formalised set steps, gestures and pointe work.

Modern and Tap– Modern and tap allows dancers to develop an acute sense of rhythm and musicality. This dance style deeply engages with music, giving dancers a chance to appreciate and interact with the musical world in a fun and exciting way.

Contemporary dance– Taking elements from a variety of different dance styles, including ballet and modern dance, contemporary dance is visually striking. Improvised changes in rhythm, direction and speed, along with the incorporation non-Western styles of dance, has seen contemporary dance become one of the world’s most dominant dance styles.

Musical theatre– A combination of dance, acting, songs and spoken dialogue helps to communicate the plotlines and emotional content of musicals. Musical theatre expresses love, anger, pathos and humour through integrated musical and dance styles.

Acrobatic dance– A combination or precision acrobatic moves with classical dance technique acrobatic arts are defined by their athletic character. Unique and skilled choreography flawlessly blends dance and acrobatics, using acrobatics as part of a larger dance context.

Commercial dance– Commercial, or street dance, incorporates a variety of different dance styles for unique and innovative choreography. Jazz, hip-hop, break dancing, popping, locking and krumping are all included, as well as elements of ballroom and ballet. Commercial dance is a great all-round dance style, perfect if you want to have fun and get an effective work out.

If you want more information on the styles of dance we offer, or you want to book a lesson, please contact us or call 0791 919 0001.

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